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Search the web and advertise your site at Ask - The only internet search site you'll ever need!

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ou see it time and time again when television channels decide to show sci-fi films, usually at Christmas, where either a spaceship leaves Earth, only to be zapped by some hi-tech space ray that we are centuries off being able to produce, or, even more familiar, is the old, “spaceship visits Earth, aliens conquer Earth with superior weapons, end of human race” scenario that many film directors wet themselves at creating.

But, hasn’t anybody ever thought that maybe, just maybe, us two-legged, upright, single-headed people might actually be the cleverest and most technically advanced species in the universe? Why is that so hard for everyone to believe?! Look at all we’ve achieved…motor cars, tennis, computers, even ready-made microwave meals for heaven’s sake! Has anybody ever seen any tennis-playing aliens? No. 

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